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Healthy eating without wasting food: is it simply a question of organisation? (Décisions marketing - N°101)

22 pages

Auteurs : Margot DYEN, Lucie SIRIEIX, Sandrine COSTA

Research objectives: This article questions the feasibility of the behaviors promoted by the French Anti Food Waste and Eat and move campaigns that target consumers, studying how the recommendations are implemented on a daily basis. Methodology: The authors rely on practice theories, and more precisely on the conceptual framework of performance. The qualitative methodology is composed of three stages: semi-directive interviews conducted using projective collages, participating observations of the supply and meals at home, and a focus group. These three steps were conducted with 23, 11 among the 23, and 10 participants respectively. Results: The research shows that the implementation of the recommendations is based on three categories of performance: coordination between individuals, coordination of activities, and food management. Ensuring these three forms of organization would facilitate the implementation of the recommendations promoted in the Anti Food Waste and Eat and move campaigns. Managerial implications: The study makes it possible to formulate recommendations for cities and businesses to accompany consumers by informing them, organizing a favorable context, and providing them with tools. Originality: Through practice theories, the contribution of this study is to complete what exists concerning the reduction of food waste and the promotion of healthy eating. Keywords: Food waste, Healthy eating, Social marketing, Practice theories, Performances. 



15,00 €
Revue Décisions marketing
Numéro Décisions marketing - N°101
Date de parution 2021
ISSN 0779-7389
Nombre de pages 144 pages
Format 180 x 260 mm

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